More protests against mass tourism are planned in the Balearics. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


While on the one hand I sympathise with the anti-mass tourism protesters as I’ve lived here long enough to see how the island has changed along with my lifestyle due to the spike in living costs, the damage has been done, so let’s just give it a break now.

I know for a fact that the organisers of the beach protests were surprised by the international media attention they attracted - one did his or her best (naming no names) to do everything to avoid the local and international media for fear of professional repercussion at work. That said, the local authorities in Mallorca and across the Balearics have done little to calm the fury in the international media. Has anyone come out officially fighting the corner of the tourist industry and made it clear that holidaymakers are welcome? After all, we all need to make a living in Mallorca. No. Members of the private sector have, but the government has tended to agree that some parts of Mallorca, if not all of it, need some breathing space. Fine, then do something sensible and proactive about it, because reading the headlines in the UK and Germany, not to mention further afield, it’s grim and alarming.

On the whole, the foreign media is not interested in the ins and outs of local politicians; they’ll take what they see and run with it and that is that Mallorca does not want tourists.