Tourists on a visit to Palma. | JAUME MOREY


I was reading some of the comments online regarding the visit by the Royal Navy destroyer, HMS Diamond, to Palma. The majority wished the crew well after a long deployment in the Red Sea, but the final comment caught my eye, it stated: “Don’t bother getting off, they don’t want tourists.”

It is amazing how a few hundred people have managed to totally distort the message through a few demonstrations. Of course, Mallorca wants tourists. The message on a naval website on X clearly underlined the fact that the so-called anti-tourist message has arrived in Britain and I would warn the local authorities to be very careful.

The last thing we want is people not coming to Mallorca because they don’t feel welcome. I know that it would cause all sorts of problems locally but perhaps the Balearic government could consider launching a public relations campaign in Britain underlining the fact that ALL tourists are welcome.

The message has been lost. What the Balearic government is trying to say is that the islands have reached a limit and encouraging yet more tourists to come here would be a mistake. Probably 20 million is enough!

Unfortunately, local politicians have failed to realise that what is said locally appears as front page news in Britain and Germany. My advice to politicians - think before you speak and my advice to those who are demonstrating, be careful what you wish for, your dream could become a reality.