It could be that the state of alarm is lifted earlier in Majorca.

15-05-2020Jaume Morey

Prime Minister Sánchez expects that the request to extend the state of alarm for a further month from 24 May will be the final extension. He faces negotiations with political parties in order to gain Congress approval for this extension, with the Partido Popular and Vox having already served notice that they will not be supporting it. The PP may well vote against on this occasion, having abstained last time.

The negotiations will include consideration being given to regional demands. Sánchez said on Saturday that the state of alarm is likely to be "asymmetric". It could therefore be lifted in some parts of the country before others, meaning that it wouldn't last for a whole further month.

"If the Spanish government sees during this month that the state of alarm can be lifted in the whole territory (whole of the country) or in one part, have no doubt that we will do so. The government has no interest in extending restrictions on mobility and the right to assembly beyond epidemiological reasons."


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

I agree with you Yogi. Just don´t let the tourists come back yet, but at least liberate this island and its inhabitants. I will be so happy not to see heavily armed military at roundabouts. It gives me a very uncomfortable feeling every time I see them. And why do they need to stand there with M16´s? But also the police should really refrain from fining people. I heard some crazy stories of people getting fined, i.e. for going to a supermarket not within 1km of their house. Anyway, we´ll see if Pedro and the commies get an extension of the state of alarm. I have a terrible feeling he will, by bribing some minority, regional parties. Which to me is funny, as to me that is corruption. I give you "this", if you do me a favour. If a civil servant receives a gift for a favour, it is corruption. but I suppose in politics, there are no rules.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

The Balearics could probably come out of the alarm now, based on current epidemiologic data. But Armengol seems too feeble to make a persuasive case. She’s not even extended the exercise limitations. She seems too timid to do anything other than what she’s told to do by Madrid.