Amazon warehouse in Mallorca.

Amazon warehouse in Mallorca.


The Government said on Friday it had no knowledge of Amazon planning to set up in Mallorca but according to IB3 the multinational is already up and running from a property near Palma Airport.

Amazon is reportedly planning to build its own logistics centre, but in the meantime it's using a warehouse that belongs to Tipsa, which is one of the companies that distributes Amazon products in the Balearic Islands.

The multinational has operating from a temporary storage and distribution centre in the Son Oms Industrial Estate and Amazon vans and workers have been seen coming and going from the building.

There’s been a massive rise in the number of people shopping online since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and some say it was only a matter of time before Amazon cashed in on that trend.

Rumours have been rife for weeks that Amazon was targeting Mallorca, stoking fear in the Small & Medium-sized Business Sector.

Amazon is known for automating its premises so that fewer workers are needed and it also supplies business materials so its arrival could have a devastating effect on local firms in Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands.


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Lisa / Hace 12 months

The reality is it’s incredibly expensive to live here. We all need competition in business. But I really don’t blame small businesses for their prices, the autonomo is completely crippling for business and kills entrepreneurs. For goodness sake give young business a chance. Grade the autonomo to income. Then these tiny business will grow, they’ll have a chance and they will be future employers!!!

If they actually survive they will also pay tax. Food for thought.


John Parkinson / Hace 12 months

Be careful.Large stores and supermarkets will be ok but small independent retailers will certainly suffer and shops will be left empty.Say on Palma this will have an effect on tourists visiting to shop,Small independent shops are always friendly and helpful,check the effect in the U.K. during the lock down ,see how many open when finally allowed,as people get used to online shopping. Still those who want tourists to stop coming will no doubt suppor Amazon!


Nigel Stack / Hace 12 months

Why is this such an issue. Surely competion is good, better servies and lower costs. If only we had Uber.


Ryan / Hace 12 months

The complacency with the status quo is why these small and medium size businesses will become obsolete. Amazon moving to Palma is not the issue. I use Amazon religiously because a) it’s cheaper and b) more convenient than going to the store where I pay a premium to subsidize their overhead costs. Ask yourself how you can leverage Amazon, rather than fearing it. Innovation isn’t going anywhere.


Roberto / Hace 12 months

To the retailers who in the past have charged what they wanted. join the real world!!


Nigel / Hace 12 months

Should help bring online shopping delivery prices down, and create employment. Not such a bad thing taking into account local unemployment due to no tourists.