German tourists arriving in Mallorca.

German tourists arriving in Mallorca. recent photo.

10-04-2021Ultima Hora

Germany could be about to close its borders as coronavirus infections continue to soar.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is examining the situation and will decide on Monday, April 12 what position her Government will take to bring down infection.

The most extreme possibility being considered is a perimeter closure of the entire country to stop tourists taking trips abroad.

The objective is to reach acceptable epidemiological indices by May, and Berlin says all legal measures necessary will be taken to make that happen, including banning all but essential travel.

German Tour Operators and the Tourism Sector are opposed to such drastic measures which they say will have a huge economic impact.


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Ant / Hace 10 months

Germany should have closed their borders weeks ago when the current wave of covid was starting to take a firm hold of the populas..


Tom / Hace 10 months

Merkel is right to close the borders if she does it monday . She has to think about the nation as a whole and not about all those people with first world holiday demands ! And all those airlines and hotel groups like Tui that have received already billions in gov aid ! Its time to get real and for people to understand tourism globally will be further reduced by covid for years to come and tgat going on frequent holidays is not a necessity for mankind at all . There are way bigger and more important issues out there !


Leo / Hace 10 months

Had it not been for the German election this year, they would have closed earlier.