Reyes Maroto, Spain's tourism minister

Reyes Maroto, Spain's tourism minister, convinced there will be tourism reactivation from June.


Spain's tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, said on Friday that she was convinced that tourism will be reactivated in June thanks to the digital green certificate and the vaccination programme. "These will allow our country to reopen safely and be pioneers."

Speaking on Spanish TV, the minister explained that Spain is working with the main tourism markets in preparing destinations for the return of tourism to Spain this summer. The digital green certificate is due to be operational by June. The QR code will certify that the holder has received a vaccine or has recovered from the virus or has recently had a negative test result (or a combination of these).

"Our job is position Spain as a safe destination." With this aim in mind, a series of promotional campaigns will be launched, inspired by "the country's attributes and the trust that can be placed in Spain as a safe travel destination". Spain, she added, will be in a position "to guarantee safe mobility as of June".

Maroto stated that a "gradual and positive trend" is being observed for airline bookings and reservations for the islands. "The most important thing is to build trust, and this trust is gained by fighting the pandemic and by vaccinating, vaccinating and vaccinating ... ." In addition, there is to be the essential tool of the digital green certificate.

Meanwhile, the minister was also confident that the Imserso programme of subsidised holidays for Spain's senior citizens will restart this October. "The good news is that we are working to ensure that our senior citizens, who have been the most affected by the pandemic, can regain the hope for travel as well."


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Louisa / Hace 9 months

This is a ridiculous statement. We hope that the season will start in June but there’s no point making this announcements especially as above we read in the same paper double as many cases since Thursday . Spain is completely ridiculous and only 6.7 percent has been vacanated? How in earth can we allow holiday people in this island when we are not vacanated . It just doesn’t make sense !


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

Not looking as though we'll all be vaccinated here by June of this year, so we'll have no tourists in spite of her confidence or expectations. It's of no importance whether visitors are safe or not, if we're not safe here.....


George / Hace 9 months

What vaccination program?! A friend of mine hasn’t been contacted but when speaking to the phone number they say to wait for his doctor... but his younger wife is able to book an online appointment... then what about the thousands of workers who won’t be vaccinated this side of the year because they are too young but are the ones who will be exposed they are the ones who can’t travel. They must put theirselves at risk to restart the economy but they can’t reap the rewards and travel or take a break or see family they havnt seen for years now.


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Well the Minister has obviously not yet briefed herself on the recent jump in corona virus cases in Mallorca, or the dreadfully slow vaccination rollout.

Why do government minsters insist on issuing this rhetoric, while the safety data is so appalling?? It’s madness.