Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones.

19-05-2021Julián Aguirre

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are back in Mallorca and the actress has ben spotted swimming in the crystal clear waters in Port de Valldemossa.

Michael's eldest son, Cameron whose mother is Diandra Luker arrived in s’Estaca two weeks ago and spent the day sailing with his Dad and Catherine on Wednesday, then he went for a walk with his stepbrother, Dylan.

The family are hoping to stay out of the media spotlight while they are in Mallorca working on other projects.

Catherine is in the middle of promoting her fashion brand Casa Zeta-Jones which was created on the Island a few months ago.


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Andrew Elston / Hace 8 months

It says in the article that Catherine was promoting her fashion brand which would entitle her entry into Spain as it’s for work reasons.


David / Hace 8 months

So....it would appear ‘rules’ don’t apply to some, but do to others. How do 2 American citizens get into Spain? Answer : be famous, rich or similar and the rules don’t apply. Simple. But unfair.


Isn / Hace 8 months

So it’s Greece Italy or Gib for us Brits obviously Mallorca only allow celebs to enter. Good luck with that, I’m sure it will regenerate the economy


Ian / Hace 8 months

So how did they manage to get into Mallorca, thousands of people would love to come, sadly we are not allowed in.