The return to school - and its attendant costs. | Efe (Ana Escobar)


A survey of 3,000 Spanish families by Beruby on behalf of Amazon has found that 46% estimate that they will be spending between 200 and 400 euros on the return to school. On average, this is 100 euros more than in 2019. The view of 85% of those surveyed is that the cost is either expensive or excessively expensive.

Among main aspects of concern for parents are the impact of the pandemic on the quality of teaching with the use of inadequate technology and methods (61%); the increase in the cost of school supplies (59%); and the inability to carry out certain activities such as workshops or excursions due to health restrictions (39%). Inadequate hygiene in schools and possible outbreaks of the virus among pupils who are not yet vaccinated worry 33% of the families.

Products being bought for the new school year are similar to those of 2020. In addition to textbooks (75%), stationery (72%), clothing and shoes (64%), backpacks (53%), laptops (16%) and tablets (12%), parents are also spending on masks (45%) and disinfectant gels (41%).

Sixty per cent of parents believe that the quality of teaching during the pandemic has decreased. On the other hand, 27% consider digitalisation of learning to have been positive. Thirty-three per cent believe that their children have adapted well to the new learning dynamic, albeit there have been some problems due to lack of technological means at home.