Britain could implement tougher COVID-19 measures

Britain could implement tougher COVID-19 measures.

08-12-2021HANNAH MCKAY

Britain could implement tougher COVID-19 measures, including advice to work from home, as early as Friday, according to a government source cited by Times Radio on Thursday.

"Rumours abounding of an imminent Quad meeting to discuss imposing Plan B as early as tomorrow morning, meaning Working From Home and COVID passports for large venues.

One source tells me it's '85% likely'," Times Radio presenter Tom Newton Dunn said on Twitter.


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Jerry / Hace about 1 month

@James your last sentence sums it up accurately. There is no sense in this madness. I do feel as though people MIGHT finally have enough of submission.


Dan / Hace about 1 month

It's weird, I don't know whether to believe the scientists who have spent their entire life dedicated to learning about this sort of thing, or James who saw a Facebook post and watched a few YouTube videos.

Have you had a look at the hospitalisation rate in South Africa James? Just the 300% increase.


Mark / Hace about 1 month

OMG......Omicron is the beginning of a whole new strain of Covid varients. Let's talk again in half a year James. If you are still alive.


James / Hace about 1 month

Why? Omicron is a mild cold, Not one hospitalisation or death. Makes no sense to do this. Unless they know there losing control.