A 45-year-old highly respected Palma heart specialist was killed in a Campos car crash in the early hours of yesterday morning. Miguel Dorado Melero, who practised at the Policlinica Miramar, was driving a Land Rover Discovery accompanied by his wife and a mutual friend along the Palma to Portocristo road when the accident occurred as they neared Campos. It appears that at 1.45 am the heart specialist lost control of the four-by-four jeep which careered off the road and crashed into a tree with great impact. Both the driver, Miguel Dorado Melero, and his wife were critically injured. Within minutes a number of ambulances were at the scene and immediate treatment was given to all three of the occupants of the vehicle before they were rushed to Son Dureta hospital, where the heart specialist tragically died. The two other passengers, Maria Concepcion Monserrat Ferriol and the doctor's wife, 42-year-old, Maria Goreti Riesco Dios were both in serious condition yesterday but the injuries suffered by the heart specialist's widow are not as critical as her friend's. Both women are however under round-the-clock care. Maria Riesco works at the Palma College of Doctors and news of the accident has caused widespread sadness.