THE start of last year was overshadowed by a fatal dog attack in Can Picafort and, sadly, the year ended with a 55-year-old British woman being attacked in Alcudia. Sheelagh Nogura was attacked by a Majorcan bulldog (ca de bestiar) last Wednesday while she was checking her postbox, outside the house where she lives with her husband, Gabriel Nogura. It appears that last week's incident was not the first time the dog in question has attacked and, according to Sheelagh Nogura, “it threw me to the floor and started biting my legs.” Her injuries have been described as serious: she lost a tendon in her leg, suffered a fractured wrist and it could be months before she can walk again. Sheelagh Nogura spent the New Year in hospital in Alcudia and has yet to be discharged. She is expected to remain in the clinic for another few days. The 55-year-old has clearly been seriously shocked by the attack. Every time she casts her mind back to the attack last Wednesday she breaks out in tears.