AS the investigation begins into last Wednesday's dog attack in Alcudia, which resulted in a 55-year-old British woman being admitted to hospital with serious leg injuries and a broken wrist, the Guardia Civil have ordered that the owner does not put the animal down for the time-being. The dog, a Majorcan bulldog cross which attacked Sheelah Nogura as she checked the post box just hours after returning from England with her husband Gabriel, is to be examined by the authorities. An Inca vet is expected to examine the animal's character and behaviour this week as part of the investigation into the attack. According to the police, all of the dog's documents and papers are in order and the animal has had all the required injections and vaccinations, the effects of one the owner was particularly worried about. But it has also been confirmed that the local police in Alcudia have received a series of complaints about the dog in the past and that apparently no action was taken by the authorities. The dog is currently in quarantine awaiting the visit from the vet.
Sheelagh Nogura is still in hospital in Alcudia.
She needed over 40 stitches to her legs and also lost a tendon in one.
Doctors fear that it could be months before she can walk again and she is suffering from deep shock, unable to talk about the attack without breaking down in tears. Her husband is equally concerned and angry that, despite his attempts to prompt the police to act in the past, his complaints were ignored and his wife is now in hospital. It is not the first time the dog has apparently attacked anyone. Six months ago it apparently went for the postwoman and two years ago, Sheelagh Nogura's husband.