THE family of Yvonne O'Brien, the 37-year-old British woman savagely murdered at her sunshine home in Alcudia last August, said yesterday that they feel “left in the dark” with regards to the police investigation into her brutal and sadistic death. Her brother, Philip Graham, said yesterday that despite the apparent failure by Spanish police to locate his sister's killer, “the family does not think the police have come to a full stop.” But he added “I have applied for probate but have been held up because of the Spanish Authorities' reluctance to put a date on Yvonne's death certificate and because of this action on their behalf the Law in the UK will not accept a death certificate without a date of death, thus holding up the process of clearing up Yvonne's affairs. Since returning to the UK after Yvonne's funeral I have not been contacted by any UK or Spanish goverment official about anything related to her murder.” The family's main aim is still abundantly clear: ”to bring to justice the guilty person(s).” Initially police threw a blanket of secrecy over investigations into the murder, but a list of 12 suspects was apparently drawn up, one of which police were confident was the killer.