There are spectacular views from the chapel.


The Friends of the Archduke Association has been waiting for four years for Michael Douglas to give his consent so that they can restore the Beato Ramon Llull chapel which forms part of his estate, S'Estaca, in Valldemossa. The chapel was destroyed by lighting in 1974. The lightning split the structure in two. The Archduke Luis Salvador was a great admirer of the medieval philosopher Ramon Llull and commissioned the chapel to architect Federic Wachsman in 1876. The former owner, Isabel Cilimindras, did not receive any offers of financial support to restore the chapel and it was left as it was. Since 1996, members of the Friends of the Archduke Association have been trying to contact Michael Douglas to seek permission to restore work. Initially they tried through his lawyer, and then through Jaume Matas, at the time chief minister of the Balearics.