The dog saved the life of four people.


A dog almost certainly saved the life of four people as they slept in an apartment in Coll den Rabassa, near Palma airport, yesterday. The four, grandfather Martin Garrido, 80, Maria Victoria, 12, her brother Javier 16, and their friend Josefina, 16, were awoken by the barking of the dog. When all four were finally awake they found that the apartment was full of smoke. They were unable to leave the flat through the front door because their path was blocked by the thick smoke. Neighbours called the fire brigade who rescued the family from the balcony. Unfortunately, their dog, perished in the fire. Fire officers said last night that dog saved the family. “It was a direct result of his barking that the four managed to escape,” he said. Police last night had launched a full investigation into the blaze and they are not ruling out the possibility that it may have been caused by an electrical short circuit. The four were treated for the effect of smoke in a Palma hospital and later released.