Are we witnessing the return of Iceman from the Marvel comics? That's three lumps of ice, in Formentera, Ibiza and Minorca, as speculation grows into the mysterious icecubes falling from the sky. Yesterday morning a man took a 400gr specimen to the local police in Ibiza town, and it was his mother who watched it fall on the pavement. With reports of more than 30 sizable slabs of ice falling on Spain since January 11th there is still no clear-cut explanation as to their origins. Still the huge lumps of ice, the biggest to have been reported weighing seven kilos, are baffling everyone as their origins remain unknown. After the first lumps fell on the Eastern coast of Spain, the familiar story of waste from aircraft toilets was considered as a possible explanation. However, with the number of reported sightings growing, the chance of this has been expelled. There are theories which may be closer to the truth. The idea that these lumps have anything to do with aircraft does not satisfy several criteria.