The regional centre for Palma Marine Rescue services last year co-ordinated the rescue of a total 490 people and responded to 283 emergencies in Balearics waters. The vast majority of the incident the air sea rescue teams were involved in related to vessels and crews, 217 in total, while the remainder involved the rescue of swimmers, divers and people involved in accidents along the cliffs running round the islands. According to the annual report released yesterday, the majority of the vessels involved in emergencies were recreational boats, 193, with merchant vessels being involved in 13 incidents and fishing trawlers in 11. Most of the 217 emergencies at sea involved Spanish registered vessels, with the remaining 92 being registered abroad. Majorcan waters witnessed the largest number of emergencies, 149 in total, but the waters off Ibiza were also the scene of 88 incidents with just 39 off Minorca.