Streets of Palma were deserted yesterday.


Temperatures in the Balearics dropped yesterday with a freezing -0.4ºC recorded at Son Sant Joan airport in Palma. However sources at the Met. office in Majorca said that minimum temperatures fell slightly lower last week, “so we're not talking about record freezes” Agustin Jansa said yesterday. The head of the Balearic Meteorological Centre said the temperatures are “normal” for this time of year and that the clear skies are helping to keep temperatures down. In Minorca temperatures dropped to 6ºC and in Ibiza a low of 5ºC was recorded, sending the level of electricty consumption spiralling. But it appears that as skies cloud over during the next few days, temperatures may rise slightly, bringing snow. “Temperatures will be low, but they not freezing,” Jansa said.