The secretary general of the association of Spanish Tourist Hotels (ZONTUR), Sr. Gaspart, announced yesterday that fuelled by the strength of the Pound, a price war in the United Kingdom and good economic signs in Germany, the tourist industry in resort areas can expect to see turnover increases by between seven and ten per cent this year. On the eve of the opening of the FITUR trade fair, Gaspart said that the condition of the Spanish market remains to be seen, although he expects it to be very similar to last year, and stressed that in key areas such as the Balearics, market growth will depend very much on the British and German markets. Natural beauty, the countryside and culture are the characteristics which the Balearics will be looking to promote at the international tourism fair which opens in Madrid today. The Balearics will also be playing an important part in a series of talks and professional workshops at the fair with the Director of the Balearic Institute for Tourism, Ina Martinez, leading the delegation of tourism experts.