David Crossland, Chairman of leading tour operator Airtours.


Leading British tour operator Airtours is to have exclusive access to over one million more “bed nights” in Majorca this summer, after having announced that it has contracted to acquire the Bellevue hotel complex in Alcudia for around £63.4 million. One of the main reasons for Airtours's purchase of the complex, which is the largest of its kind in Europe, is that David Crossland, Chairman of Airtours, believes that quality accommodation in Majorca is running out and that by buying the complex, Airtours will be able to continue offering quality holidays on the island. “The control of accommodation in popular holiday destinations is becoming increasingly important for the continued long-term success of major tour operators,” Crossland said. “In Majorca, quality accommodation is an increasingly scarce resource and I am particularly delighted that we have acquired the Bellevue complex. It is a valuable addition to our Group as it provides quality accommodation in a key destination used by all of our European tour operators,” Crossland added. The complex includes 1'474 self-catering apartments and offers extensive dining, leisure and entertainment facilities. While Airtours will have to honour the existing contracts oustanding on the complex with other tour operators, those are expected to expire by 2001, at which point Airtours will acquire exclusive access to the 18-apartment block complex. What is more, the purchase will provide Airtours with another 6'000 beds to sell on the UK market.