Enrique Baron: support for Blair.


President of the European Parliamentary Socialist group and former President of the European Parliament, Enrique Baron, said last night that “Britain needs Europe, Europe needs Britain.” Speaking ahead of his lecture on Europe and its future as a Union to Club Ultima Hora tomorrow evening (Monday), Baron praised the work of New Labour, Tony Blair and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, for what they have achieved and the work they are doing in laying the grounds for Britain's entry into the single currency. However, Baron admitted that while New Labour is creating the right mood and climate, signing the Social Charter for full blown entry in the Union, “there are still going to be difficultes.” Discussing the beef war between France and Britain, Baron believes that the current conflict goes beyond beef and is rooted deep in the centuries-old love/hate relationship between the two countries. “It goes back to William the Conquerer and the Battle of Hastings, it's very complex,” he said. Baron also feels that the reluctance of a great number of British people to give up their currency is related to more recent events in history.