The Balearic ministry of Education is to take concrete measures in regard to schools which are experiencing problems with aggressive pupils, and will give legal support to those teachers who fall victim to attacks. Referring to the cases of violence which occurred last week in schools Sant Pere, in Establiments, and ses Quarterades, in Calvia, Jaume Gual, director of Planning and Schools, confirmed that they were “two isolated cases, which are a cause for concern for the department; they are being analysed and we will be taking concrete measures in regard to them.” According to the director general of Planning and Schools, the procedure which is adopted in such cases is as follows: in the first place, the school contacts the parents and informs them that a file has been opened in respect of their child. Then an instructor is named, usually a teacher at the same school, who does a follow-up of the case and draws up a proposal, which is then analysed by the Schools Board, who then make the final decision. The measures which the schools take usually depend on the seriousness of the incident and may consist of a caution, or a temporary or permanent expulsion. The department of Schools Inspectors intervene in those cases which the Schools Board terms “serious”.