Dear Readers, I have been asked to write this piece in relation to what you heard last week from the president of IFTO. Again the final decision is yours. The Baleares are governed by the autonomous government within Spain and are subject to legal constraints imposed by membership of the European Union. Airline operators are neutral, in the end the tour operators, through the consumers, decide where they want to go and our members are one of the main providers of air transport. IACA has supported the local people in the Baleares to achieve the success that you have today, we are very much aware that there other areas in the tourist market that would be only to pleased to take your traffic away, they are currently offering incentives to do so. However you have to be aware that your economy would be badly hit if this was to be the case. IACA however, does not support the proposal that additional environmental taxation should be placed upon our member carrier's passengers. Our member airlines already operate the most environmentally friendly aircraft in Europe, for the most obvious reasons. IACA as a principle strongly opposes, and will fight any proposal, to add additional costs by taxation to a very cost sensitive market. Our efforts have always been to work with all the authorities within Spain to achieve the success that you benefit from today; we do not wish to see this effort destroyed. Likewise you yourselves have invested heavily to obtain the best return for your Islands, therefore we would expect you to share and understand our viewpoint, and it is after all in our common interest.