The emergency water plan appears to be on track for a smooth introduction. Yesterday Balearic Chief Minister, Francesc Antich, the Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, and the Mayor of Calvia, Margarita Najera, met for two hours to discuss the solutions approved last week, with both Palma and Calvia agreeing to set up a joint commission to study the measures which the government wants to introduce. All three parties agreed yesterday that measures need to be introduced to battle the effects of the drought and increase the water supply. What is more, all three admit that the only way any such plan is going to prove successful is if the government, Palma and Calvia work together and have access to as much technical information about the water situation as possible. Antich said, “From the government's point of view, we have made it clear that our main concern is that everybody has water and there are no problems, be it in the Bay of Palma or anywhere else on the island. That is why after today's meeting we will be meeting officials from all affected areas.” Antich stressed the need for all the councils to co-operate in order for the problem to be solved.