The search is on for the body of another German businessman, believed to have been murdered in Majorca five years ago. Stephen Miller was last seen on the island in 1995 and a team of German investigators, consisting of two detectives and a prosecutor, are currently in Majorca assisting local police with the hunt for the body, which is believed to have been dumped in the sea in Andraitx. According to sources close to the case, the German investigators have centred their attentions on Majorca after two suspects, currently under arrest in Germany, informed the police that Muller was murdered and dumped in the sea from a boat off the north coast of the island. It appears that the relationship between the killers and the vitcim was business but the two suspects described the relationship as “turbulent”. Apparently Muller and the two suspects were involved in an investment business which, it has transpired, was a front for a fraud scam which led to an international arrest warrant being issued for Muller in 1995.