This Christmas Channel 4 will be screening a two-part, four hour adapttaion of the Evelyn Waugh Sword of Honour trilogy, Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen and Unconditional Surrender and a third of the big-budget production is to be filmed on location in Majorca. Over the past few months a team from Talk Back Productions has visited the island on a number of occasions, and last week signed a deal with the local facilities company Palma Pictures, to shoot six weeks of the production on the island. The remaining ten-week shoot will be based in Scotland. While the production will be the most professional and talented Majorca has yet to see, the deal is also very important for Palma Pictures as, no sooner will have they have moved into their new studio, the Mediterranean production centre in Marratxi, when their most significant production to date rolls into town. The script has been written by William Boyd, who is a highly respected script writer and whose works include the screenplay for Chaplin which starred Robert Downey Jnr. and Mr Johnson which starred Pierce Brosnan and Edward Woodward, and was shot on location in Nigeria.