“There may be trouble ahead,” said the head of corporate affairs for the Association of British Travel Agents Keith Betton yesterday, about the looming water crisis in Majorca. Alarm bells have started to ring in the UK as news of the water problem in Majorca has leaked on to the High Streets and consumers have started to question travel agents about the problem and whether or not Majorca will be an ideal location for a holiday this summer. Keith Betton's advice to the Balearic government yesterday was “to sort the problem out as soon as possible or there may be trouble ahead.” As it is, the Balearics and Spain as a whole can expect to see a shift in the UK market this summer. Betton told the Bulletin last year that the year 2000 will see a shift in the market with consumers looking to “raise their game” abd move up a different level in the market. “For example those Britons who normally holiday in the United Kingdom will go to Majorca while those who have been holidaying in Europe and Majorca are looking to sample South Africa, North Africa and the United States,” Betton explained. Betton said that the market is not looking “particularly good” for Spain this summer at the moment, but the US and other markets are posting early increases. Betton also warned that in Britain people have been heavily criticising the proposed introduction of a tourist tax in the Balearics. “Most people are not in favour of the tax,” Betton said.