Thousands of holidaymakers could be faced with the disruption of industrial action at Palma airport this summer, if the CCOO Union carries out its threat to strike in protest against the Spanish government's plans to privatise the public company AENA, Spanish Airports and Traffic Control. One of the members of the union's chief executive, Jose Luis Garcia, said yesterday, “This is not a threat and the union intends to do everything possible to find an avenue to a solution; but if, in the end, the union decides to listen to the majority of its members, industrial action will undoubtedly be called for.” However, Garcia did stress that the union will do everything possible to avoid protests and strike action being held in the peak of the summer season, although yet again, that will be up to the workers. The CCOO, the biggest union in Spain, wants to see the network of Spanish airports remain in the hands of the state but under a new management model. This would involve autonomous governemts, such as the Balearic government having a key role in the running of Palma's Son San Joan airport, along with the unions and the companies which sit on AENA's administration board.