The British Ambassador to Spain, Peter James Torry, in Palma yesterday on official duty which included a visit to the Balearic parliament in the company of the Speaker, Maximiliano Morales, praised the region's drive to improve quality in the tourist industry and stressed that the Balearics is still one of the most popular holiday destinations for British holidaymakers. Torry said that the quality of tourism in the Balearics is “more than adequate” but the British Ambassador to Spain stressed the need for the region to resolve the water problem. Torry explained that, while there is concern in Britain about the lack of water, the British do care and are worried about the environment, which is the issue behind the controversial tourist tax that the Balearics wish to introduce. On those lines, the Ambassador urged the Balearics to continue with its drive to improve the level of quality in the tourist industry which, Torry said, is “expanding every year.” Torry said that environmental protection measures need to be enforced, in view of the fact that some nine million tourists holiday in the Balearics each year, with three million of those being British.