A five-year-old British boy, Ben Lloyd, is fighting for his life in Palma's Son Dureta hospital after suffering a nasty accident at a supermarket in Son Caliu on Monday evening. Little Ben's mother, Nina Hilton, who has not left the hospital since her son was admitted, yesterday praised the medical staff at Son Dureta, the police and the supermarket director for all their support and help without which she says, “Ben would have died.” Hilton explained yesterday how Ben slipped and “skidded” through the railings on the first floor and fell some five metres landing on his head. “I saw it, and passed out.” “He flipped and somersaulted after hitting something on the way down.” His anxious mother, who is expecting a baby in just three weeks time, said that her five-year-old has suffered multiple fractures to his head. “The fracture crosses over his skull and down through his nose to his jaw and chin, all his teeth are hanging out and he has blood in the brain, the next 32 hours are crucial,” she said yesterday. “Ben is in the hands of God while doctors wait to see if his body absorbs the blood in his brain, then in 32 hours' time they will make a decision on how to operate,” she said. “While there had been no change in his conditon, doctors have told me that it is good news, at least his situation has not deteriorated, so it's up to Ben, but he's a little fighter and I know he'll pull through,” Nina Hilton said. While only allowed to see her little boy for ten minutes every four hours, Hilton was full of nothing but praise for everybody involved. “The hosiptal and the medical staff have been fantastic, they were all ready and waiting when we arrived at the hospital. If it had not been for them, Ben would not be alive. The supermarket director has been to see us, he even sent their own doctors and nurses and I have been told not to hesitate if we need anything, everyone's been brilliant.”