Four British lads on holiday at a Palma Nova complex popular with the young and fun loving wings of British tour operators, were yesterday facing the prospect of cutting their holiday short a week early or paying out for new accommodation after they were expelled from their hotel following an incident in the early hours of yesterday morning. According to one of the lads, they had been out on the town in Magalluf and returned to the hotel at 5am. En route to their rooms, one of the others in the group threw another in to the hotel pool, attracting the attention of the security guards who escorted them up to their rooms and after the situation apparently escalated took back their room keys and threw them out. One of the homeless tourists, John, claimed yesterday that unnecessary violence was used by the security guards, but the director of the complex said that he had not been alerted to any “unusual” incidents overnight. He said with a hotel full of 2'000 young people, two or three apartment guests are “expelled” every week for bad behaviour, rowdiness or damaging the complex. “It's normal, this time of year Magalluf is basically uncontrollable, they go out all night, some get very drunk and this is what happens, but it's only a minority.” A British travel rep in Magalluf said yesterday that this happens all the time, “they have too much to drink and all hell breaks out.”


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