Majorca is ready for the so-called rainy season. The end of August and early September is the time of the year when Civil Defence switch from forest fire to heavy rain alert. At this time of the year the so-called Gota Fria or Cold Drop (an unusual Balearic meteorological state of affairs) is common and this month we can expect heavy rains. The Palma Met Office said yesterday that over the next few weeks the temperatures will drop considerably. The Gota Fria has been known to cause extensive damage in the Balearics. In the late 1980s, in early September, three people died following nearly torrential rains on Majorca's eastern coast. Over the last few years there have been no further deaths but the rains have caused extensive damage. The high level of humidity, which in some cases has led to temperatures reaching the 35 degrees Centigrade mark, has led meteorologists to underline their Gota Fria alert.