“IF we build more motorways, there will be more accidents,” said Balearic leader Francesc Antich yesterday who presented his government's new transport blueprint which calls for the main Majorcan motorways to be enlarged but other road upgrades look set to be shelved. But motoring groups slammed his proposals saying that the only way to ease congestion on the roads was to build motorways. Antich said that they would seek to reduce the speed limit on some of Majorca's most dangerous roads in an effort to stem the alarming increase in road deaths. In the last five days six people have died in traffic accidents in Majorca. Naturally, some of the worst accident black-spots in Majorca at the moment are the Palma Nova and Inca motorways. One of the proposals put forward yesterday was to increase road maintenance and boost the number of sign-posts. Tourists in hire cars will also be targetted and a campaign will be launched warning holidaymakers to drive carefully and watch their speed. The central administration in Madrid has agreed to pay for the road projects but it must be said that the local government's transport plan cannot be described as ambitious.