The traditional bull-run through the streets of Fornalutx, which has been slammed by animal activists, had to be suspended yesterday after the bull died. The animal was being transported from the bullring in Palma to Fornalutx when it died in its cage, apparently from a broken neck. This traditional Majorcan event involves a bull running through the streets of the village which is later killed and the whole village feasts off it. Animal rights groups have long complained against the event claiming that it is cruel and barbaric. They took legal action but their moves were thwarted by the courts which ruled in the village's favour. It is legally protected because it dates from more than 100 years ago and is therefore considered to be a “traditional event”. It was unclear last night whether the event would be held at a later date. Hundreds of people had gathered in the village square to await the bull. Every year there are a number of injuries.