Mayor of Palma Joan Fageda told the owners of the Playa de Palma bars closed for infringing local bylaws to take their grievances to court. He was addressing an irate crowd of 150 protesters demonstrating outside the city hall in Plaza Cort and he made it clear that he did not intend going back on the decision to close the bars in the Bierstrasse, as it is popularly known. What's more, the Mayor said that not only was he going to maintain his decision but was considering filing suit for slander, because of insults to him and the health councillor during the protests. He said that they would get nowhere by insults and aggressive action, adding with a touch of humour that if the demonstrators threw eggs and tomatoes they would “make a good salad.” He criticised the bar owners for using their employees in the demos. The Mayor said that the council had received support from the Playa de Palma's hoteliers association, neighbourhood association and tourism board.