Santa Ponça is preparing for an invasion by Christian forces under the command of King Jaume I. The Christian forces will be coming ashore at the monument to their King in Santa Ponsa and will lock in battle with Moorish forces from about 6p.m. this afternoon (Saturday). This traditional event, tracing a key part in Majorca's history when Majorca was conquered from the Arab Moors, is all part of the festivities which are taking place in Santa Ponça this weekend. All events are free. The key vantage points are the cross dedicated to Jaume I and the beach at Santa Ponça. Apart from the actual mock battles there will be parades by the opposing forces all wearing traditional costumes. It is a highly colourful and entertaining event and apart from the noise of battle there will be fireworks and bangers so it is not an event for the light hearted. The swim contest across the Bay of Santa Ponça officially kicks off today's events taking place at midday. The Christian forces and their boats will start to gather at about 5.30p.m. in the Bay. In the meantime there will be a traditional medieval market along the main promenade. At 6p.m. the battle begins and it will continue for most of the evening.