John and Christine Plowright yesterday celebrated 25 years of marriage.


John and Christine Plowright from Croydon yesterday celebrated 25 years of marriage and 21 years of visiting Majorca when they renewed their marriage vows at the Anglican Church in Palma. The ceremony was a dream come true for the happy couple as Christine wanted to renew their vows five years ago to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, but in the end the Plowrights opted for their silver wedding anniversary and last night embarked on their second honeymoon. Very close friends and family attended the service, which also featured a moving surprise for John when Neil Diamond's “Hello My Friends,” clearly a very special song for John, was played. The couple said after the service that they never really had a proper honeymoon, although a holiday to Majorca did follow their wedding and therefore acted as a suitable substitute, but Mr and Mrs Plowright said yesterday that Majorca is such a “lovely” island and they could think of no better place to have the ceremony. The wonderful ceremony and the setting has also got one of the daughters, Laura, thinking about a Majorca wedding next year. While one of the couple's three daughters, Clair is already married to Tim, Sarah and Laura are due to be marrying Jonathan and Stewart respectively in the near future. And according to Canon Jim Hawthorne, who conducted the service, the sooner the better. In his wedding address, which he admits usually contains advice for the future for young couples starting out in married life together, he said that after 25 years of happy marriage, it is now time for John and Christine to enjoy life and one thing which will make the parents happier than anything else would be to hear the patter of their grandchildren's tiny feet.