Engineers repairing the fault at the Palma desalination plant, which on Friday forced the local government in to introducing water restrictions in Palma, Calvia and Andratx to extremes never seen before, said yesterday that the fault is not as bad as initially reported. Nevertheless, councils in Palma and Calvia are meeting over the weekend in order to establish what water restrictions are to be enforced in the wake of the Balearic government calling for a serious reduction in water consumption for at least a week while the plant is repaired. In Calvia the Local Police have even been ordered to keep an eye out for any body abusing the present water restrictions. Anybody caught watering their garden, despite the 32ºC heat, could face being disciplined by the police. However in Calvia the authorities are confident that the local population will continue to co-operate “magnificantly” as its all summer in order to help ease the effects of the worst drought in over 100 years. But in Palma, the Mayor Joan Fageda has warned that the restrictions may have to be enforced for longer than the suggested week. Apart from no watering of the garden, bars are not allowed to hose down their terraces and hose pipes can neither be used for washing cars. Consumers have also been ordered to make sure that water is not unnecessarily lost from dripping taps and toilet cisterns. Pool owners are not allowed to fill up their swimming pools and people are being advised to shower instead of taking a bath. Local councils have also approached hotels and large consumers urging them to reduce water consumption until the desalination plant is repaired and the water supplies are back to normal.