The Balearic left wing coalition government has only just returned from its success recess and no sooner has it skipped through another water crisis, the controversial tourist tax debate has blown up in its face yet again. The coalition is hanging by a string, according to opposition Partido Popular who launched a scathing attack on the coalition for failing yet again to operate as a united unit. At the centre of this latest dispute is the Green Party, whose Environment Minister Margalida Rossello, who nearly brought the coalition down over water, does not have the support of her fellow MP's over the tourist tax. The Greens threatened to withdraw its support for the tax yesterday and Chief Minister Antich responded by giving the party an ultimatum “you're either in or you're out.” Antich was hoping to pass the government's disputed and unpopular model for the tax through parliament in this session, which started yesteday, but the Greens' bottom line is that unless funds raised by the tax, which will be only paid by hotel guests, is invested in the protection of the environment, they will not support the motion and that residents should not be made to pay. As the model for the tax stands, the Green says they will not vote in favour, throwing the coalition into complete disarray and Green MP Juan Buades, who Antich threatened over the water crisis, said “the government's not working very well.”