Just hours after the Borne was closed to traffic by the farmer's protest on Tuesday, police blocked off the road in order to allow firemen access to a block of flats where an 88-year-old woman was trapped inside. According to the police the octogenarian had fallen in her apartment overlooking the Borne and was unable to get up and get to the door. The alarm was raised by a neighbour who heard the elderly woman's calls for help from her third floor flat. A police unit was dispatched to the scene and soon realised something was wrong after there was no reply after ringing the doorbell. The fire brigade was called and the only option available was for a fireman to climb into the flat via one of the windows. But the Borne had to be closed in order to hoist the mechanical ladder on the back of a fire engine up to the window. A Palma judge gave firemen permission to enter the property and once inside, the woman was found collapsed on the floor, shaking with nerves. An ambulance was called and a team of paramedics headed straight for the flat and the patient. She was than taken to a Palma clinic. According to the 88-year-old, she fell when one of her knees “gave way” and was unable to get up. She also thanked the neighbour who raised the alarm and the police and firemen for quickly responding.