The Majorca fishing fleet remained in port yesterday as fishermen continued their protest against the rising fuel prices. Central government was locked in discussions yesterday in a bid to try and break the deadlock and resolve the dispute, but local fishermen preferred to remain in the ports of Palma and Alcudia awaiting a decision to be announced in Madrid. Both farmers and fishermen have refused to rule out further protests, depending on what action the government decides to take to reduce fuel prices. Spokesperson for the Majorcan fishing fleet, Vicente Garau, confirmed yesterday afternoon that the entire fleet stayed in port yesterday and will not set sail again until Madrid has decided how it intends to reduce fuel prices and compensate farmers and fishermen for the losses incurred by the rising price of fuel. Garau also warned that the Majorcan fleet is considering mounting a “symbolic” protest in Palma in a bid to win the support of and mobilise the general public. This morning representatives from the Majorcan fleet will meet the Balearic Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries in order to establish what powers the autonomous government has and to what extent the local government can act independently of Madrid in order to bring fuel prices down in the Balearics. But a war between the local and foreign fleets could develop if the dispute is not resolved swiftly.