The Fundació La Caixa plans to end the year with a series of 11 concerts in different styles which will open on Friday with flamenco by Pepa de Benito and end on December 19 with five of the six Brandenburg Concertos by Bach by Florilegium. Details of the concerts were announced yesterday by Maricarmen Palma, head of the Foundation's music service. Pepa de Benito, whose concert starts at 8pm on Friday, is from Utrera and comes from the well-known Pinini family. She is a cousin of Bernarda and Fernanda de Utrera, two of Spain's best-known cantaoras. The second concert, on October 10, will be by Chota Divana, a group from Rajastan in India, comprising boys aged 12 and 18 and their teachers. Moroccan lutanist Said CHraibi, accompanied by percussionist Jamal Rioui, will perform on October 13, while on October 21 the artist will be Finnish accordeonist Kimmo Pohjonen. Pohjonen will also perform the family concert at noon on the same day. These family concerts are aimed to introduce young children to music. The other family concerts will be given on November 18 by Percussió de Butxaca and December 16 by Tiritrán Teatro with a musical show with an ecology message. The French-based Greek singer Angélique Ionatos, accompanied by lutanist and percussionist Henri Agnel, will perform on October 27.