Long-time Majorca resident Joy Whitcombe is renowned on the island for her dedication to animal welfare and the many years of voluntary service she has put in on behalf of the Animal Refuge on the island. But not many people know what a colourful life she has led. However, Joy, now 90, has decided to reveal it all in an autobiography entitled Sun, Sea and Me, which has just been published by Hamilton and Co. Ltd. Joy was born in London, and as a child was known as Copperknob because of her red hair. She predicted her future in Majorca with a single two line essay written when she was seven “I want to live under the sun and by the sea.” She started her dancing career at a very early age, earning 7s 6d a week at the Theatre Royal in Chatham and living in digs. But eventually she left the chorus and by the age of 17 was in Paris with the J W Jackson Girls at the fabled Moulin Rouge, working with the likes of Maurice Chevalier, Mistinguet and Josephine Baker. But that was just the start of her adventures, which included a narrow escape from white slavery (a friend of hers who wasn't so lucky was never seen again).