Yesterday afternoon members of the Local Police returned to the Playa de Palma to notify two more terrace bars that they have to close their doors to trade for the next seven days. The two bars are located in the infamous Calle Jamon and the order to close came into effect last night. This summer Palma city council has ordered the seven-day closure of a total of 30 bars for failing to comply with the noise contamination laws which regulate the levels at which music can be played at night. The noise contamination laws stipulate that open-air bars or those establishments with terraces have to turn the music off at mid-night. The council has been warning bar owners all summer and the city town hall was the scene of some tense debates and meetings with the bar owners protesting over the tighter restrictions. However hoteliers and residents have been complaining about the noise and the council crackdown has been welcomed by most of the local community.