Currently in Wales visiting the family with his fiancee Catherine ZetaJones, Michael Douglas has confirmed that the couple will marry on November 18 at the Hotel Plaza in New York. The 56-year-old Oscar-winner admitted that they would have liked to have held the ceremony in Majorca, where he owns the S'Estaca estate in Valldemossa, but in the end the couple have opted for New York apparently because Kirk Douglas does not like travelling too far any more. Talking about Majorca this week he said the island is “the most beautiful place in the world.” The couple, with Catherine's parents spent over an hour looking over Bellver Castle in Palma as a possible venue for the wedding this summer, but in the end the wedding, of which an exclusive set of pictures has been valued already at $1 million, is to be in the Big Apple and amidst tight security. The wedding list is also being kept a secret, but rumours are rife that 31-year-old Catherine does not want Michael's youngest brother Eric to attend and Kirk is reported to have said he will not go if his first wife and Michael's mother, Diana Douglas, is invited.