The Balearic government has promised central government and the European Union its full co-operation in solving the discrepancies discovered in a number of applications for European Union funding for local training programmes. But the Balearic government pointed the finger at Madrid and the European Union for the discrepancies which could amount to fraud in some cases and, if Brussels decide to throw the book at the Balearics, could result with the plug being pulled on any further EU aid for a set period. But the Balearic government came under fire yesterday from the Partido Popular Euro MP for the Balearics, Carlos Ripoll. Ripoll blamed Palma for the shortfall in European Union funding the region receives and highlighted claims by the European Union that the government does not apply for more aid because it is not fully aware of what aid packages are available. “The money is available for the Balearics, but the funds will not reach the region if the government does not present the projects and proposals,” Ripoll said. Ripoll said that the delay in the funding for the waste collection and treatment programme is not the fault of central government, but more than likely because the proposal submitted by the Balearics cannot be subsidised. Ripoll said that the EU has a strict set of norms which have to be complied with. As an example, Ripoll, explained that the Balearic EU aid package for fishermen and the bid to secure money to install marine cleaning units made sense in the Balearics, “but in Brussels they did not understand the plan.” Adding insult to injury, Ripoll warned that the discrepancies unearthed by the Balearic Labour Ministry could indeed cost the Balearics dear and also cause the region serious embarrassment across the Union.


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