On April 23, 1971, Yoko Ono and John Lennon “kidnapped” Yoko's seven-year-old daughter Kyoko from the kindergarten of a Cala Murada hotel in Majorca - but after just 24 hours with the seven-year-old in the Melia Mallorca hotel, Kyoko “disappeared” with her father Anthony Cox, Ono's second husband. Two weeks ago Ono met Kyoko only for the second time since they parted company in Majorca and more importantly Yoko Ono also met her three-year-old grandchild, Emi, who will inherit half of John Lennon's £400 million fortune. John Lennon and Yoko Ono arrived in Majorca on Tuesday April 20, 1971 and checked into their hotel under the names Mr and Mrs Smith and reception was told not to pass any calls through to their room. They shut themselves away in the hotel for three days until 9am on the Friday, when they set off to Cala Murada. At 1p.m. while Anthony Cox and his wife Melinda were participating in a meditation session, Ono and Lennon slipped Kyoko away from the hotel. Cox was immediately informed, but Ono and Lennon were already on their way back to Palma. Cox informed the Guardia Civil and the police mounted checks at all exits from the island. Ono, Lennon and Kyoko arrived at their Palma hotel at 3p.m. and remained locked away for two hours, until the police arrived asking Lennon and Ono to accompany them to the police station to make a statement. It was the picture of John Lennon carrying his wife's daughter to the police station that hit the front pages around the world.


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