With Majorca's resident population growing in size every year, the amount of household waste generated is increasing in unison, but last year, five per cent less waste was generated in comparison to 1999. According to figures released by the Balearic Minister for the Environment, Margalida Rossello, yesterday while in 1999 the amount of household waste increased by 8.85 per cent, last year the increase was just 3.34 per cent. The Minister, who is a great advocate of recycling, admitted yesterday, that the best solution is for households to generate less waste - which was the case last year. Rossello said that the figures are heartening as it shows that the amount of waste generated each year is slowing down. Of the 493'753 tons of household waste collected last year, 464'121 tons were solid urban waste, 18'256 were either paper or cardboard and 11'376 glass. The Minister also announced that new waste laws will be introduced before the summer and the onus will be on manufacturers who will be encouraged to increase the amount of recycled and re-useable products. A new recycling office was also opened in Palma yesterday which will spearhead a series of campaigns aimed at increasing public awareness to the various ways in which household waste can be reduced and recycled. One of the first steps to be taken in order to encourage the public to be more co-operative will be to unify all the rubbish collection rates. Rossello said that the new office will be the “hub” of the government's recycling and waste policy.


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