Once again, Majorcans have responded generously to appeals for aid for El Salvador and India, following the devastating earthquakes, and all the local non-government organisations are working flat out. They include the Red Cross, Caritas, Manos Unidas, the Vicenç Ferrer Foundation and the Majorcan Solidarity and Cooperation Fund, all of whom have opened accounts where donations can be left. The Red Cross has already sent more than 38 million pesetas to El Salvador and nearly seven million (including five million from the Palma city council) to India. The Solidarity Fund has sent ten million pesetas to El Salvador. The Catholic organisation Manos Unidas has been working in the Gujarat region, where the earthquakes occurred, for 35 years and it has sent 36 million pesetas for emergency aid. Earlier, it had sent funds to El Salvador. The first sums of money were for urgent humanitarian aid and the second amount will be for rebuilding the devastated areas. Cáritas has sent three million pesetas to El Salvador and six million pesetas to India. In the latter case, the funds came from the Balearic government and will be used to distribute food, basic medicine, blankets and clothing. The Vicenç Ferrer Foundation, which has been working in the Anantapur region of India for more than 30 years, has sent 25 million pesetas to its representatives there. This sum was made up of 11 million pesetas from individual donations, five million pesetas from the Community of Murcia and nine million pesetas from the Balearic government. The Foundation has sent a team of 20 persons who will live in the rural area of Gujarat for at least a year, to help in the reconstruction work. Majorcan Gabriel Pons, the representative of the Solidarity Fund in Nicaragua, has gone to El Salvador to help in the reconstruction and evaluate damages. Dolors Mañé, who is also Majorcan, is a member of the Vicenç Ferrer team which has gone to India.