The lone Majorca Union party councillor in Palma, yesterday said that the Playa de Palma is a mess “an area of urban bar and nightclub chaos with a lack of infrastructure and with serious problems of cleanliness and safety,” and said that the time has come for the popular tourist resort to be cleaned up and made safer. Ferran Trujillo's remarks are expected to be welcomed and any action supported by Playa de Palma hotel owners who spent last summer at logger heads with the city council over noise and cleanliness in the resort. Trujillo said that all areas need attention, especially security, cleanliness, transport, the environment and urban development. He said that his party is open to dialogue and ideas of how to clean up the Playa de Palma's act so that the resort has a “viable future.” The councillor said that the Local and National police's co-operation is going to prove vital - -not only to make sure bars and clubs respect the rules and regulations, but also to finally remove illegal activitites from the streets and beaches and crackdown on petty crime. Trujillo said that the council has got to get tough on dog mess and rubbish left lying around on construction sites while rubbish collection has to be improved. The councillor also called for the tourist sector as a whole to be involved in energy and water saving campaigns and that effective campaigns need to be introduced to ensure that the beaches, the sea and the sea bed are kept clean of rubbish.